Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A new beginning

Since I blogged last (at a site which is now defunct... long story), life has changed a bit.

We own a home (since December 2016). We own two cars (God is good!). And, best of all, I am now a mother to TWO beautiful little boys. Jonathan was born May 5 of this year. He is such a gift!

I stopped blogging because I was forced to, when my blog was hacked and ruined with malware that I had not the skills nor funds to remove. But taking a break from blogging was good for me. I had been trying to make blogging into a business and I just don't think that that's for me, because it wasn't working very well. I am a Norwex consultant, which I love, and I'm an Influencer for Grove Collaborative. Both of these ventures are blessings for our family and I will be talking about both things from time to time. As a stay-at-home mom I do want to help contribute to our family income, and I support 100% the products and companies I promote. But I don't want this blog to be all about money-making. That's not me.

I'm learning more every day who "me" is, and realizing that although I am unique and special, my experiences, struggles, lessons, joys, are similar to those of many other people. In a number of ways lately God's been reminding me that I'm not alone-- in wifehood, motherhood, my personal struggles, anything. There are other people who know what I'm going through and more than that, God knows and understands everything I experience. He has blessed me through the words of others, using them to encourage and inspire me.

That's what I hope to do here, in gratitude for the ways God has lifted me up through other people. I want you to know that whatever you're going through, you're not alone. Other people understand. And even though I can't possibly understand everyone else's experiences, God can and does and he is there for you.

My new blog title is "Living the Dream: Wife, Mom, Homemaker." This life really is a dream come true for me, because as long as I can remember I wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything. God in his grace has made those dreams come true and I cannot thank him enough for the vocations he's given me. You might not be any of those things, but I hope that, Lord willing, something in my life can encourage you in some small way. I think that we all have something in common in this human experience, and we all need encouragement. It is my prayer that I may provide a little of that for you.

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