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I love to cook and bake.  My mother considers cooking for others one of her "love languages," and she instilled in me a love for feeding people good food.

Cooking is one of my biggest jobs as a homemaker.  I spend a LOT of time cooking and baking, meal-planning, and cleaning up after myself in the kitchen!

In the last year I've come up with a few recipes that we enjoy, and found recipes in cookbooks that have become staples of our menu.  Some of those are included here.  Also here are other posts related to cooking and food in general.  Enjoy!

Cooking, Food, Life
My First Experience with Kombucha (kombucha 101! Tips, ideas, resources)
Cooking with Whole Foods (Guest post by Magdalen Dobson) (recipe suggestions for using whole foods)
On tea and other hot beverages (self-explanatory)
Eating Well and Spending Little (tips on saving money and making food stretch)
Thankful Thursday: Bread and friendship and other happy things (bread-baking tips)
Making Things and Making a Home (various cooking and homemaking projects)
Life isn't perfect, but it sure is good. (some not-so-successful kitchen escapades)
How I'm Frugal at the Grocery Store (8 tips and ideas for saving money while grocery shopping, based on my new routine)

Why Living in Nebraska is So Delicious (corn in various ways, tomato/green bean side dish)
An Original Recipe! (Italian pasta salad)
Feeding My Family (granola)
Cooking Like My Mom (cinnamon rolls)
A Kitchen Victory! (rice pudding)
Two Original Recipes: Steak Enchiladas and Fish & Pasta

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