Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HUGE sale on real-food cooking resources!

Everything you need to know for real-food cooking!

TODAY begins a short window of opportunity for you to get seventeen real-food cookbooks that contain over 800 recipes--enough for you to make a new one every day for over two years! These books contain resources that will help you make main dishes, sides, desserts, smoothies, condiments, and more: all with ingredients you'll feel good about feeding your family.

Disclaimer: this post contains my affiliate links. If you purchase the cookbook bundle via my blog I will make a percentage of each sale. THANK YOU for supporting Living in the Light!

The value of all these cookbooks is over $150.

But in this bundle you'll get all of them for less than $15!!
My new cookbook, Real Food for the Real Homemaker, is included in this bundle. Normally it's $12.95. In this bundle you'll get it for 90% off, and the same goes for the other sixteen books! In essence, you're getting sixteen books for a total of $2. For resources this valuable, that's an incredible deal.

(If you've already bought our book, get the bundle anyway. It's still an amazing deal. Then you'll have a spare copy of the cookbook to give as a gift!)

There are a couple books in particular in this collection that I am really excited about. One is Cooking with Coconut Oil. From author Jennifer Saleem:
Are you new to coconut oil and looking for creative recipes that feature this amazing oil? Have you been using coconut oil in your cooking for years but need some new recipe inspiration? Are you simply looking for creative ways to sneak more coconut oil into your diet? Cooking With Coconut Oil is the answer to all this and more! This book is not only packed full of simple, delicious, family friendly-recipes, it also contains a wealth of information about coconut oil and other nutrient dense ingredients (27 pages to be exact). The best part? It is compatible with gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and vegetarian lifestyles.
I absolutely LOVE coconut oil, and I'm looking forward to perusing this cookbook for new ideas and ways to use it!

Design a Dish is another book that will be perfect for me. Author Millie Copper says,
In Design a Dish, I share how to use formulas rather than recipes to design dishes with the ingredients that are available so that you can reduce food waste and save money! Once you start using formulas for your meals you will discover just how easy it is to nourish your family for less! 
Does this sound like me or what?!? I'm so bad at following recipes... but with this book, I won't be expected to. This is exactly what I need to increase my cooking and making-up-recipe skills!

Finally, I'm psyched to use Real Food, Real Easy by Angela Montgomery. Angela wrote this about her book:
Real Food, Real Easy, Cook Once Eat Three Times focuses on four different pantry staples that are healthy and fast! They are Oatmeal, Black Beans, Rice and Quinoa. Each of these are nutritional powerhouses that you can feel good about feeding to your family. The key to making things easy is cooking the pantry staple ahead of time and using it in several different recipes!  
I already use oatmeal, black beans and rice a LOT, but boy do I need ideas for more ways to use them-- and I definitely need to learn how to use quinoa (I have some sitting in my pantry just begging to be made delicious)! Can't wait to put the ideas in this book to good use.

Okay, if I haven't convinced you yet, go to this post for more information about the bundle! These are just three of seventeen books that you'll put to good use! A lot of them include paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, and grain-free recipes, so no matter what dietary restrictions you and your family have, you'll be able to use these books!

Remember, this sale only lasts five days: Today (Tuesday the 17th) through Saturday the 21st.
There will be no late sales whatsoever--this is your only chance EVER to get this bundle of books for this deal! Sure, you could buy the books on their own, but you'd pay over $150 for all of them. $15 is just over the price of one of them, so you're getting all the rest for pennies!

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Disclaimer: this post contains my affiliate links. If you purchase the cookbook bundle via my blog I will make a percentage of each sale. THANK YOU for supporting Living in the Light!

How would you use these cookbooks for your family? I'll share more about the other books later this week!

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